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Spicy Food Is Good For Your Health

For many years, I’ve been a healthy eater. My family had tried different diets and lost their shit about it all. Then one day, my sister said to me, “Spicy food is good for you!” I begin to exploring this new idea and put up the following post. In it, I mentioned some of the reasons why I was intrigued by the spicier foods that people say are bad for them or bad for their stomachs, and then listed five ways spicy foods can be beneficial for you. As usual, it ended up being an interesting read that led me to start writing more about spicy foods and how they could help you live longer and healthier lives (and I learned a few things along the way).

  1. Spicy foods are one big mix-up.

Before we go further into why spicy foods can potentially improve your health, let’s talk in general terms. If there is one thing that everyone thinks of when thinking of spiciness, it has to do with how the flavors and spices stick to the tongue and mouth for long periods of time. This means you need to have your plate pretty well-greased so that some spice remains in your mouth and not just splatter all over your plates and food stuff. Another common misconception is that you will have to get used to eating this kind of food. Just like alcohol, you know what you want and want to give yourself permission to drink whatever that you’re craving. It’s all about the timing and when you start eating. Once you start enjoying these kinds of foods, you also want to enjoy them throughout the day. Because some of these dishes are served as appetizers, you’re going to be happy to have at least two or three spiced foods on the menu. You may even come back for something else. So don’t miss out on the big flavor factor. There will always be someone who will offer you another type of sauce. Even if you’re not completely sure, you’ll be fine with less spicy foods. Either way, there is no rule that says you should have everything spiced up. Be comfortable with your own palate because you are the person making yourself feel better.

  1. There Is A Link Between High Levels And Prolonged Eating Times

When you eat as soon as possible, you will only want to eat. When you eat anything later on in the day, it’s going to take more time. That means you’re not getting the most nutrients from it. For example, if you’re trying to eat something spicy, you won’t get the maximum amount of vitamin B6 or C. Which means it leaves you feeling sluggish and lethargic. But in the end, if you eat right away, then you’re going to get the most amount of nutrition and energy from it, and then you can probably still find excuses to skip it. But if you’re looking at the future, you have to realize that it doesn’t matter where you eat it. It doesn’t really make a difference because you are still going to get the same amount of nutrients. That takes a few days before the body reacts to the change. Then you can keep the spicy version of anything for the rest of the week, so you can focus on your health instead of avoiding it. Now let’s take an example: Taco Bell is known for creating hot and tasty burgers and tacos for their customers. Whether it’s chicken, steak, or beef, their burgers are made with Mexican meats. Their sandwiches are filled with cheese and mayo, which makes them a little bit thicker, to the point that people actually prefer them to others. With those types of meats, you are going to enjoy a lot more than ordinary fries. But that doesn’t mean they are a treat, like other burgers. They’re good, but you don’t want your health to be compromised solely because you’re going to buy a taco that tastes awful.

  1. No More Sweeteners and Sugar Unless You Need Them

Sugar and sweeteners are basically toxic to your intestines. These ingredients contain sugar that comes from sugar cane. These components are toxic to your system due to being added to your water supply. Most foods have added sugar, and sometimes sugar when it comes to sodas and teas, such as orange drinks. Or even the actual sugar when it comes to cakes and chocolate. All of these add sugar and artificial sweeteners to your diet. Not only this, but they are often added during processing, so it’s just not a whole lot of extra sugar. Instead of adding these sugar sources, you can try using olive oil to fry your veggies and using avocado instead of cream cheese. You can even place them directly on your burger instead of using cream cheese and mayonnaise. It sounds crazy, but you will be surprised at how much fat goes down the drain from that kind of cooking. What’s more, there is no evidence that these extra sugars (which don’t exist) contribute to obesity. We’ve already talked about how the fat in your belly is your source of insulin. So if it is being stored there, even though you aren’t hungry, you’re going to be tired and bloated instead of hungry. Add a slice of lemon or any citrus juice you have, and then sit for a while, and the fat and weight will be gone. Yes, a cheat meal is just that—cheap and tasty. Trust me, you’ll gain weight too. But since it is also your source of calories, your waistline will shrink because you are now eating fewer calories than you normally would have. You can easily lose your fat and gain it back without starving yourself and drinking lots of sugary beverages. So think of it this way: you will never really lose the weight, but you will probably end up gaining it again. It’s almost easier to be skinny than to be skinny because your body wants it. Plus it will look great!

  1. Take Your Time

Another advantage of spicy foods is that you can pick your poison with each dish. The best part is that people generally like this. You may still decide to try some chorizo (or some rice cakes when you’re in Mexico), but you’ll wait until the next visit to go and try that spicy pizza. That will give you enough time to enjoy it before you go back for another bite. You will definitely find that the taste of some of these foods is worth every bite too. Maybe even try something bigger and order some chili sauce for the main course! When you choose the meals that you can’t resist, what goes down even after you leave the gym and go home? Everything else will fade away, and you can concentrate on everything that matters. People get bored, especially when we’ve been doing our workouts for a couple of weeks, but when we are finished exercising, we need to relax and spend time with our families. That means taking a break and having dinner with friends or family. And who wants to watch television while they spend some quality time with loved ones? Well, now you can cook some delicious spaghetti and meatballs instead at the drop of a hat. Don’t worry, you won’t starve after this either; just take care not to overdo it.

  1. Spice Me Up In Ways You Will Love!

When you’re talking to your doctor about getting tested for cancer, don’t forget to mention that the doctor isn’t going to tell you that you’re going to die due to the number of tests you have. You are going to be fine, and you will finish every test without problems. But when you’re thinking about the symptoms associated with the disease or what treatment you need, remember that the pain is there no matter what the diagnosis. We all deal with it at some point in life. We all have an inflammation problem, but then our bodies also handle stress, anxiety, depression, and so forth. Those things can cause us to become sick, and you’re not going to want to pass on the chance to treat your issues. Also, if you suffer from allergies to certain foods, you might want to reconsider this. You might have a hard time breathing some foods (like dairy, nuts, and grains) because they produce high levels of histamines and allergens.

Spices are very powerful, but one should not overdo it. Some spices are going to irritate your throat, and you’ll want to avoid that. Other spices are going to relieve nausea and inflammation (but not enough to cause any serious damage to cells). Even if you have a mild case of seasonal allergies like dust mites, grasshopper or moths, if you have some allergy issue, you will have to cut them off. Again, no amount of salt, garlic or pepper will ever cure what you have in your gut. To help you avoid this, pick a mix of herbs that are anti-inflammatory and can help relieve some symptoms. If you cannot tolerate all that spice, opt for a light curry powder instead. Whatever spice flavor you have at your disposal, stick with it, and see if it produces results for you (or even kills a bug before it starts to get sick). So whenever you’re in a restaurant, you can ask for a little bit more spice. Sometimes you just need more spice to keep you warm, and you’ll feel a little bit worse afterward. After all, a little extra spice is totally okay and nothing to be ashamed of. In the long run, as long as you’re still breathing, you can be thankful for what you got out of trying that spicy meal.



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